Video Samples - aimieburns

Aimie Burns - Video Samples -

Aimie is an award winning filmmaker and  has over 15 years of post production experience, working on Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve. 

Ekso Bionics - Director / Producer / Scriptwriter

United Way 2018 Campaign Video - Producer/ Director

Continental - Producer/ Director / Videographer

Syrian Refugee Video - Password: viewabdul - DP, and Videographer

EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities - Director, Producer and Script writer

Kayaking For Two - Videographer/ Editor

Camp Ton-A-Wandah - Producer/ Director, Script Writer, Videographer

Cascade Designs - Producer/ Director

Stand By Me - Videographer, Editor

Peace Through Education: Stealing The Light - Trailer - Producer/ Director / Editor (of trailer)

What is Love - Music Video - Director, Videographer, Editor

United Way - 2017 Campaign - Creative Director and Producer

Spay/Neuter - Join the National Movement - Director, Producer, Editor

MAP London - Videographer, Writer, Editor